A Mediterranean style is a wonderful blending of elegance, old-time feel, and nature. At the very basic, you can have a hammock in your dining room, an anchor on the wall and some nice exotic plants to transform your home into a Mediterranean-style abode. (Check out Another Page: Follow The Link)

The main element has to be your color palette, where you want to simulate the elements of the sea, like ocean blue, pale yellow of the sand, and white for sun light. The Mediterranean style is underscored by the natural elements, unlike the minimal decorating objects that are based on straight lines and precision. The elements must be natural and light: cotton for textiles, wood for the furnishings. If you update the floor, choose a light wooden parquet like pine. Natural stone is additionally acceptable. Even so, don't over do it since it could possibly make your home feel somewhat cold. You can also have floor heating to replicate walking on warm Mediterranean sand.

The furniture you end up picking should be simple and fairly minimalist. Test the same light hues and try to create an impression of classicism to the furniture pieces. If you want to feel as if you are strolling on the beach, you must also add decorative elements such as flowers, scallops, and colored sand. Having this within your hallway is great way to introduce visitors to your Mediterranean hideout. That's why it's a good idea to get some type of seaside symbol at your entrance. An anchor would be more than ideal. A transparent vase having some withered blooms will look great, especially if you are adding a handful of scallops in it.

Your own living room could turn into your relaxation oasis. If perhaps you have enough space, you can make the hammock the center piece of your room. You have got to have strong hooks in the wall and you could also add a palm tree for style. Then add colored stones and the image will be completed. For the couch, you will need to stay with the same fundamental colors of white, yellow and blue. Do not load the room too much, purchase a couple of bamboo armchairs, and try to choose only small tables. You can emphasize the collection of shells, scallops, and stones by setting them in a transparent drawer.

For your window treatments, you could have designs with vertical blue and white stripes. The walls do not require any showy designs but having some ocean view paintings will certainly add some charm and calmness to your home.

The traditional wooden boat is regarded as out of date by the majority of decorators. Even so, you can add it whenever you feel the room can accommodate it. The best models are the large hand made ones. The bedroom can easily seem exotic if you work with exquisite white lingerie. Upon your night time bedside, you can include a bowl containing sand and perfumed flowers. It's also possible to get a bamboo screen simply for show. Thanks a ton for reading this and also remember to check out some of my other articles. In case you would also have a look at my other piece of writing regarding reusable wall decals, you might want to take a look at my site.